Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lighten Up, It's Just Fashion!

One of my favorite moments on the show Project Runway was when Season 2 contestant Santino Rice pranced around the design room singing "lighten up, it's just fashion" in an effort to relieve some of the pre-judging tension. Although I wouldn't exactly consider myself a devoted follower of fashion, I do enjoy and appreciate it—especially for its ability to "lighten" ones mood.

As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, we have officially (if belatedly) entered spring. In the cold winter months my fashion sense goes into hibernation, so I've been eagerly anticipating the day when it is finally warm enough for me to ditch the sweatpants. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also coincides with exam time, where I generally neglect style in favor of Stauffer (if you see me sitting at the 4th floor rails, it's unlikely I'll be dressed to impress).

However, exam time also means increased #procrastination (token hashtag...they're just so trendy right now) and with procrastination comes collages! I've got exactly two weeks until school's out for summer and the following are my sartorial inspirations for that glorious day (portrayed in my favorite visual art form).

Sharif Likes: floral prints, watercolor, neutrals v bold hues, draped fabrics, gold hardware, statement necklaces, rattan handbags, stripes, citrus colors, studded everything, breezy button ups, tailored shorts, retro sunglasses, gold watches, ceramic watches, watches (period).


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